Limited Edition Giclees Now Available!
New Normal
limited edition giclee
20 x 30" (image size 16 3/8 x 24 1/2")
$125 (shipping included)

As I emerged from my winter cocoon, I realized that life will take on a "New Normal" shape. Working in the studio, I sculpted face masks of bent wood and paint. I installed them on the wall according to the Fibonacci method, a sequence of number patterns found in nature (on turtle backs and growing pineapples, to name just two.)

My sculpture installation imagines a new skin formation on our bodies that may remain with us indefinitely. Will face masks become part of our future DNA? Just as the COVID19 is constantly replicating itself, my installation of "New Normal" is doing the same.

The installation itself is still growing, so I have produced a limited edition work on paper to share my vision with you during this historic time.

Limited Edition Giclees Now Available!